A post-apocalyptic vision of Guernsey

Based on John Christopher’s 1965 spellbinding chiller of a world gone wrong. A natural catastrophe wipes out millennia of human history overnight in a series of convulsive spasms. The shocked survivors roam the ruins in search of their past, not daring to dream of a future in this nightmare.

Main character Matthew Cotter must overcome many dangers as he battles to find his daughter in a landscape twisted and churned out of all recognition.

Join Guernsey Walking Tours as they retrace Matthew’s footsteps in this Guernsey based thriller of a world turn upside down – literally!


This tour has been fully endorsed by the authors family and by Syle Press

The Tour

The tour is based upon and inspired by John Christopher’s Guernsey based novel that describes life in Guernsey following a literally earth shattering and life changing event.

We follow main character Matthew Cotter’s route through the churned local landscape form his devastated home near Le Gouffe, towards St Peter Port through St Andrews and St Martins.

Through a series of short readings en route we discover the type of man that Matthew is and may have to become. We also seek to take in the horror of the impact of the devastation as we walk through a still by and large rural landscape, into the smashed village of St Martins and onto the point where Matthew becomes aware of the true extent of the disaster.


Points of Interest:

Before the Event

Commencing at Les Gouffre – Matthew’s story

Catastrophe Strikes

As we move off we describe events that lead Matthew to make his way through the shattered landscape

Matthew’s Journey

Following Matthew’s route we take in the lanes and byways of rural Forest and St Andrew’s

Meeting Billy

Matthew encounters Billy, a young survivor

A World of Wreckage

Entering St. Martin’s, we describe how Matthew and Billy meet a band of traumatised survivors

“You’ve seen the town ? – What a bloody mess”

Matthew and the survivors realise the true extent of the disaster

End of a Chapter

Matthew decides on his future – we complete Matthew’s story prior to the tour’s conclusion

Return to St. Peter Port

Tour ends as we make our way back down into St. Peter Port – hopefully unchanged since we have been away.

During the walking tour I shall be able to give detailed explanations of the novel and its author.

The tour is structured so as to be able to be away from traffic and to be able to discuss aspects of the book easily with walkers.

Tour Information

Meet: Airport Bus stop shelter within airport forecourt – Bus 94 from St Peter Port will take you directly to this point.

Comfort Stop: Various en route

End Location: St Peter Port

Start Time: Tour to commence at 10.30am prompt

End Time: approx. 2.30pm

Duration: Expect to be walking – with a break for a picnic lunch – see below – for around 4 hours at a gentle pace. We want to live this great story, enjoy the landscape and smell the flowers.

Graded: Medium

When: Sunday 12th May, Sunday 19th May.

Additional Information:

Route: We start in the parish of Forest, proceed through minor lanes and paths to St Andrews then we cross into St Martins with a stop for our picnic lunch. Afterwards we get underway and enter the final stages in St Peter Port. We also aim to take into the tour a view of the reclamation and renovation of the improving works in the area of La Valette.

It is important to bear in mind that the route is determined by this fantastic tale.

Terrain: We will be avoiding main roads as much as possible. Therefore, we will be seeking to enjoy the countryside thus we will be meandering through quiet lanes, green lanes and little known tracks – all with access to the public. The tour is mostly on the level with only a couple of short inclines.

Picnic Lunch: – we have structured the tour so as to be in St Martin’s village for a picnic lunch stop. Please bring a packed lunch, maybe a hot drink flask or cold water etc. We have found a suitable spot to picnic with comfort facilities nearby. We should also be able to dispose of any litter in bins in or near the area – but please make provision to carry away any litter should the bin be full etc.

Clothing and footwear: Please ensure that you wear suitable clothing for the time of year, maybe a brolly and – very important – suitable footwear as we will be taking in some variable surfaces which at this time of year will almost certainly be wet and sticky – it all adds to the atmos !

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