The Official Guide to Ebenezer Le Page *

The official guide to the pre-eminent work of Guernsey based Literature. Written by Guernseyman G.B. Edwards.

Since its publication in 1981, The Book of Ebenezer Le Page has been recognised as the greatest work of literature by a native Guernseyman, and indeed one of the greatest novels of the twentieth Century.


This outstanding and remarkable novel is the record of a Guernseyman who has lived on the island from before the Boer War until the 1960’s.

His view of the world is circumscribed by the sea and the rocks and the distant coast of France. It chronicles a way of life that has disappeared and via our tour, is vividly remembered and people with colourful characters moulded by values and beliefs which are no longer held.


It is an absorbing story of passionate friendships, sadness, joy and blissful redemption.

Our tour takes in the significant locations that feature both in the novel but in addition, the tour also describes the life and times of the author G.B. Edward.


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Points of Interest:

During the walking tours I shall be able to give detailed explanations of the locality, its history and more information about topics covered. The tour is structured so as to be able to be away from traffic and enable us to discuss items of interest easily with the walkers.

Tour Information

Due to further research and in close association with Blue Ormer Publishing this tour is being substantially enhanced for re-launch in the early Summer 2019.

Please continue to keep an eye out for updates regarding these exciting changes. 

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